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ESB Tanning Beds

In a deep recession where many corporations have gone out of business and everybody is scrambling over less greenbacks, ESB Tanning Systems has discovered the easy way to increase their indoor tanning appliances sales by offering an intensive choice of not just tanning beds, but bronzing beds, tanning booths, and standup tanning units, all with leading edge tanning features and benefits.

When some makers try and lower costs, they finish up manufacturing a low quality product or an inexpensive tanning bed to lure purchasers into purchasing on price alone. ESB Tanning Bed Systems is concentrated on the wants of todays budget-minded buyer and continues to offer value at a fair and cheap cost.

Today, ESB offers 12 models for any life-style and budget, 5 unique series and 3 different systems : bed, booth, standup. What sets ESB Tanning Bed Systems aside from other tanning bed makers has been the various inventions continually introduced to the tanning bed industry over the last eighteen years. ESB was first to create twin phosphor ( blue and pink ) face / arm lamps providing two various levels of power in the same lamp.

ESB Tanning was the 1st turn out to form these unique models and hi-performance features for home tanning : Tanning Booths, Tanning Stand ups, Bronzing Beds, Red Light Skin Care Treatment , Mirror-like Reflectors, Unique Cooling System, RT Electronic Ballast and plenty more.

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